It Begins

Salander is a company that serves the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry. We have simplified the software required for ITS applications around the world. This blog isn't going to hard sell you on our software, but with the software so simple that anyone can use it, the only barrier of entry to the world of Smart Workzones is the hardware.

Sensors, cameras, cellular modems - it can be kind of scary stuff once you get into the details like baud rates, solar panel sizing, and antenna frequency matching. This site will serve you by explaining the hardware in an easy to understand way. How it works, when to use a particular tool, and by doing so we'll remove the fog surrounding the devices used to gather traffic data and inform the motoring public. I've been training traffic control companies and DOT's around the world for 7 years on this stuff, so now its time to scale it up and make that training available to everyone.

We will also discuss some theory - delay time vs travel time, speed harmonization techniques, and how to best reduce rear end collisions near your work zones.

Armed with this knowledge, you can deploy and manage the ITS hardware, while leaving the geeky stuff to us. We hope you enjoy our articles, and will consider us to be your software provider for your next Smart Work zone.