Alerts, Reports and Dashboards

Work Zone Intelligence

Work Zone Intelligence is a buzzword that has different meanings to different people. Simply put, we believe work zone intelligence is a dynamic tool that lets you distill data into information and sift information into the critical pieces, which provide you with the understanding you need to make good work zone traffic decisions.

Like any intelligence gathering, your view of what is required will vary from the next person’s. You need to be able to drill down, rearrange, and change the model to answer all of the “what if”, “how come” and “why” questions that each new step brings. Salander is one example of this category as a software as a service provider for your work zones. The benefit with Salander is that we integrate not just the portable device data points, but with Agency existing data, (i.e. ATIS and ATMS), and 3rd party data providers. Salander helps you drill down, add or remove data points, summarizations, percentages, change outputs without complex programming requirements. When implemented it can help you improve your basis of information as you make your critical traffic related decisions.


Reporting provides static information – the kind of reports you may view daily, weekly or monthly, whereas Work Zone Intelligence gives you the ability to drill down or “spin” the data to look at it differently – all without running a new report. Salander SaaS includes stock reports that provide generic information based on what our customers think is appropriate.
When we review our customers reporting environment, we start by asking: Is there an area in which you could make better decisions if you had the ability to arrange the information differently, or simply add in more information?
Our customized reporting tools enable you to receive the reports you want, when you want them, and delivered to you.


Dashboards can communicate critical real-time traffic measurements. They are a collection of measurements (like those on your car dashboard) which relay important and critical information in simple, easy to understand formats. One type of a Dashboard system is an Intelligent Work Zone, where realtime information is collected from sensors and displayed as either “current Travel Time”, “Delay”, or “Queue Detection”.

When a dashboard is coupled with with a “Work Zone Intelligence”, and “Reporting System”, you now have the ability to easily see what traffic is doing, what was done about it, and how did it work…..automatically. The downside to a traditional “dashboard” is you have to log into something to see what is going on.


At Salander we have taken the dashboard to the next level. We provide an “event based data aggregated alert”. We call them Aggregated Smart Alerts for short. What this means to you is when an event happens, you get an alert via: Text Message, email, Twitter, iCal with the ability to see nearest camera images, current messages being displayed on signs, current traffic information, and what if any devices are having a communications issue.

We can help you identify those pieces of critical information. Then we can design and implement the dashboards that best fit your Agency/company’s needs and the roles of the various stakeholders. Dashboard requirements vary depending on the function of the person using them, however it is safe to say that not everyone is sitting at their computer 24/7 and traffic is dynamic.

Our goal at Salander is to deliver the best possible information available to enable decision makers to manage road user costs and minimize emissions while being mindful of Safety and Mobility.